Making money on the internet

Outsourcing jobs on the internet is another trend which one should look at to make money from. The internet is a place where people who can deliver on some special services, put up their offer for people to see in form of bidding. They try to do this by offering to do a particular work at a relatively cheaper fee than any other person and then people that have such needs, get to contact them. This is the essence of fiverr. In order to make oney from such, you need to aslk yourself, what do I really want? What are my special skills? If I dont have any special skill, how can I possible make money from this concept. Also before going into this, you need to know that you may not make big money at once but you may be assured of regular streams of income which largely depends on how active and smart you are. It follows the same principle as being an ecommerce broker which is explicitly explained in my book and even on this thread.

Most jobs available for outsourcing on the internet has to do with Programming, graphics, website development, content writing for blogs and website and so on. This is because the direction of business in this century is ONLINE and so everything has to be online. You can tap into such opportunity today.

Fiverr ( is a place where people post what they can do at a minimum price of 5usd (that is about N800). This represents a gig and they can do extra work for you for extra gigs, maybe 3,4,5 or more gigs i.e 15usd, 20usd, 25usd or more respectively.

At fiverr, a job or project worth 250usd can be done for you at 30usd. This is where the business opportunity comes. There are many people who dont know about this set-up. Some may even know but they do not have the time to be probing further if you can do the job or not, theirs is to see that you can do it and they pay you. They can offer to pay you 250usd which is the normal fee for that particular project and what you just need to do is to subcontract the project to someone on fiverr for about 30usd and after the work is done, you pay the person on fiverr and the remaining 220usd is yours as profit. You are getting this for simply connecting a buyer of service and seller of service together. This is all part of being an internet broker.

However, in order to make such work efficient, you need to learn some basic skills on the project you are referring people to do. This is also applicable in commodity brokerage online. It is like “How can you be an ecommerce broker when you do not know what LC is? what MT is? What SBLC is? what CIF is? and so on.

You can get other outsourcing sites together with fiverr to make this work easy. You just need to check for what is needed at one and then get someone in fiverr to do it for you. It is that SIMPLE!

I have explicitly written on this in my book. This book contains many business information both online and offline businesses. You can get my ebook today.
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