Food packaging for effective marketing

Happy New Month to all my readers. I will keep reminding you to shake off your fears and start a business. The ideas are here for you, all you just need to do is to choose one which best fits your person or you have deep passion for and start off the business. Don’t be afraid to walk up to anything that will help you achieve this.

Like I have been saying, having a product or service to sell is what business is about. You can always create your product from what you think people need. Be very vigilant, watch, analyse and know what you think people will need at this time. For example, the proliferation of electronic gadgets are on the increase in Nigeria, power is need to power up these gadgets, power is a challenge in Nigeria but there are solar chargers and power banks being manufactured by Chinese people which you can use to charge your phones, laptops and so on, why don’t you think of importing and selling these. It is a product people will need. One thing you have to know is that many people may not have the idea about this, though of course some people do. But as it is at the moment, the awareness of such product is low, you can raise the awareness by importing a few and market it well, tell people about it even within your locality, they will buy. That is for sure! I discussed this in my book as well as gave addresses of some manufacturers of these items that you can contact that can sell to you and then you can in turn sell to people in Nigeria. Some people who read the book have been using this opportunity.

I also want to talk about something that strucked me recently. I discovered that food has increased in the market in recent times, and cheaper but people are not buying as they used to do before, majorly because of a somewhat scarcity of funds in the population. But the most interesting thing is that, people must eat. I then thought of packaging food in smaller quantities and cheaper than it is right now, and this will cause people to buy. I have discussed some of these too in my book and on this thread.
Smoked fish is becoming in the in-thing in Nigeria right now. Why can’t smoked fish be packaged in small paper boxes having different sizes, the paper boxes will be designed with pictures of smoked fish on it, specification of size, small or big will be on the label and some other captions which will make it more attractive. With the increase in the number of large malls in Nigeria like Shoprite and so on, you can always have your market. You can even do the market within corporations to their members of staff such as Banks and so on.
Think on this and start something today. There are so many more ideas in my book, you can always get a copy for just N3,000. You are not the first person to get the copy. Like I said here, I have been having a number of testimonies from this book and I am fulfilled.

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